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The "hawker centres" are traditional restaurants where Singaporeans from all backgrounds meet. In addition to restaurants, these places are real points of contact between Chinese, Malaysian and Indian cultures. The objective of the workshop was to dive for a week into the heart of the cosmopolitan culture of Singapore. We designed items such as cooking utensils, dishes or signalling that improves the customers experience and workers in "Hawker centres". With my group, we had the desire to work on kitchen utensil. A very rewarding approach, since we have worked with different chefs, discovered new culinary traditions, new gestures and new needs. After various exchanges and observations, we proposed a duet utensils manufactured in 3D printing.


In collaboration with:

Lucas Pouly & Hao Jie


Supervised by:

Elric Petit (ECAL),

Christian Boucharenc (NUS)


In partnership with:

National University of Singapore

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