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set design

Revelations is a collaborative project between students from ECAL in industrial design and photography for a festival competition

"Vevey Images".
The starting point was to reverse the course of the project. We had everything to abort create a device having only the crontrainte water. The photographer was inspired to create his series of images. This project is the marriage between these two disciplines.
The purpose of this device was to offer visitors two visions of the exhibition on the photographic work through platforms and location.
The first is a view in the distance. The second offers a playful view because there the visitor can walk on the images. This creates a interaction between the work and the visitor and offers original support for the photographer.

In collaboration with:

Mélanie Zufferey et Maki Nakaya-Sommet


Supervised by:

Adrien Rovero



metal scaffolding, wood, canvas


Exposed to:

10 September- 2 October 2016​


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